Invitation New Paths to Peace on the Korean Peninsula through International Cooperation



As host of the Korea Global Forum (KGF), I am pleased to invite you to the KGF 2017, which will be held on October 17th at the Westin Chosun Seoul, Republic of Korea. It is my utmost honor and privilege to bring together top scholars, government officials and specialists at the event to discuss the future of the Korean Peninsula.


The government of the Republic of Korea holds a steadfast will towards the peaceful unification of the Korean Peninsula. While overcoming the grave security situation, the Korean government will make consistent efforts for peaceful coexistence and co-prosperity on the Korean Peninsula.


As President Moon Jae-in proclaimed to the international community through the “Berlin Initiative,” we are determined to resolve the North Korean nuclear issue peacefully and fundamentally, and to further develop sustainable inter-Korean relations under the spirit of mutual respect and peace. By doing so, we will establish enduring peace and cultivate co-prosperity on the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia.


Denuclearization of North Korea and peace establishment on the Korean Peninsula require efforts not only from the two Koreas and neighboring countries, but also from the international community. Peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula is crucial to – and inseparable from – stability and cooperation within the region and throughout the world.


The Ministry of Unification has been hosting the Korea Global Forum since 2010 in order to gather world-wide wisdom for peace and unification on the Korean Peninsula. This year’s Korea Global Forum will closely examine the situation around the Peninsula and discuss how South and North Korea, our neighbors, and the international society can cooperate toward peaceful coexistence and co-prosperity.


We cordially invite you to the Korea Global Forum 2017. We would be most grateful if you can join us in building peace and prosperity on the Korean Peninsula.


Thank you.



Myoung-Gyon Cho

Minister of Unification, Republic of Korea